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Dragon Fire

Download ZIP • 17KB

Fun little comp where you can take a simple logo and turn it into an animated title reveal.

Either start with your logo or with the final, both ways work. I started with the large logo and then worked my way down to the final title reveal. I could have just as easily started with the final title and worked backwards using the same technique, but in reverse.

The main thing about this comp is how you animate the actual dragon. I grabbed this free .AI file from Pixabay here. I had to convert it into an .SVG file since DaVinci doesn't recognize .AI files, but it brought it in as a single polygon which was a little surprising to me. Not a huge deal, but this means we need to create our own pivot point so I duplicated the polygon and erased the parts I didn't need im the head/neck region. I created a transform node for the head only and moved the pivot point so I can animate it. I did need to play around with the polygons a little to get them looking smooth against the body. I just rounded them out a works since both the head and body are a black silhouette.

I used a few transforms, my Speed Lines tool, and an animated ellipse mask to turn it into a title reveal from the animated dragon clip. I also used a stock fire beam that I purchased a while back from Triune Digital. I removed the effect since you won't have access to that effect unless you've purchased it, but feel free to add your own fire effects and track them onto the dragons mouth! Enjoy!

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