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Night Vision Tool

Download ZIP • 12KB

Looking to turn your footage into Night Vision goggles footage? I made a tool to do just that. You can customize your footage to look like goggles, binoculars, or even panoramic quad tubes. You can choose between traditional green and white phosphorus. There is a scope setting that comes with 3 different reticles to choose from.

This tool is pretty fun to use and very customizable. Add some soft edge and pixel edge to get a interesting older generation NVG look. You can also move the reticle and animate it if you want to get really creative.

Want to take a peek under the hood?

Download ZIP • 12KB

Building this tool was pretty straight forward. Used a couple Color Correction nodes to color the footage and allow for color customization in the User Interface. A TV node gives that scanline look. Another TV node gives some Grain customization. I created 4 different NVG tube overlays using polygon masks and a Black Background node. I added some Mosaic nodes to add some pixelation. Creating the reticle overlays was the most time consuming part since they had to be recreated by hand with polygon mask and text nodes.

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