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VHS Tool

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Download ZIP • 4KB

The goal was to make a tool that turned normal footage into old VHS looking footage. I started by looking at old VHS footage and trying to break down all the characteristics of the footage. Then create effects that mimic all the characteristics. In theory, it works, but as a tool, it's just too heavy. It takes me too long to cache and slows down renders to a grueling pace.

There are a bunch of different effects in this one tool and you can play around with each of them to get a different look. I think I will take a stab at this again in a few months when I have a bit more time. I don't really know if this will work on the Studio version, but it works fine on the Free version of Davinci Resolve.

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1 Comment

Hmm. Considering the VHS vs Beta contest VHS won of course, would we see a difference? --- LOL, nice job CB, thanks!

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